Sot TTI prides itself in the strong industry links it has forged over its 7-year history. The Registrar’s office is tasked with students’ admissions and curriculum implementation with the aim of releasing hands-on manpower to the job market.

Currently we have ten departments namely; ICT, Applied Sciences, Hospitality & Institutional Management, Business, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Automotive & Mechanical Engineering, Building & Civil Engineering, Health sciences, Liberal studies and Environmental & Agricultural Studies departments with enrolment of over 3000 students.

With over sixty two courses available and nine more advertised to be introduced on September 2022, Sot TTI has become a college of choice to many students from various parts of the country. This entails twenty nine Diplomas, twenty three Craft certificate and nine Artisan programs examined by both KNEC and NITA. Our qualified and committed members of staff have enabled the institution to rise in service delivery to the community and the nation at large. The established Guidance and Counseling department has been quite instrumental in providing Spiritual, Academic and Moral mentorship to our young population.

The focused leadership has enabled the institution to acquire quality equipment and established relevant facilities which include workshops, laboratories, several classrooms and demonstration plots in line with Competence Based training. The institution has unlimited internet access to Wi-Fi connectivity available to students and staff. This has enormously strengthened Research and Innovation. Plans are underway to establish eLearning through Cloud Computing. Our prayer is that God may        continue to  expand our territories and with your support, we believe we will achieve.