Mr. Wesley Sang – Deputy Principal Administration

I would like to express the best regard to all the stake holders, especially to the administration, staff, parents and learners of this college. We comprehensively understand the mission of this college. how we educate our students, the values and ideals that we teach are very important because the future of our society entirely depend on them. The culture and the value of educational policies have nowadays been included in the government documents. This is the interest of every parent and stakeholder in this college. As Sot family, we try that every official at any level should know and understand the mission and other important issues and in every way possible, they help to solve the problem of education of our students. This cooperation is our primary concern. Maintenance and methodology of work in this college is that each learner is a unique individual and that only by working together, we can build highly developed society of intelligence and advanced economy, Technical development and a happy society. We create enthusiastic spirit and atmosphere which support the values of society.

I believe every institution would like to have such teachers in their institutions. Every teacher in every field thinks about the happy childhood in their educational upbringing. My dear colleagues and friends, how nice it is to have such an institution in our region. In this every student should be prepared as he is a resident of this region and from him the future will be created. Let us help our children together. I believe that our efforts will be fruitful if each of us remember our common objectives and work hard on its  realizations.