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STTI History
STTI History

Sot Technical Training Institute - An overview of our growth!
Sot Technical Training Institute is Shortened as STTI
STTI is a government tertiary institute under TVETA Authority of Kenya.
The history dates back to early years of 2010.
The establishment of STTI was a brain idea of the current Principal Dr. Robert Cheres
Together with the like-minded elites of Bomet East, they saw a need to bring up an institue that would change region for good.

This institute was started in the year 2014.
The institute started by acquiring a parcel of land, 1KM west of Merigi Center.
We are located just adjacent to Merigi Secondary School.
The process of registering the institute with the government started.
The institute successfully got the registration documents and the licence to operate.
The institute underwent assessment and Registration by TVETA.
The institute also got accredited with KNEC and NITA to offer the exams.
The institute is licenced to offered Artisan Level, Certificate level and Diploma Levels.
The institute also got approval by the County Government of Bomet to operate.
At the same time of registration, a board of management was instituted to oversee the process of the institute.
National Government and Count Government officals continued visiting and monitoring the progress of the institue as it grew.
The Area MP of that time was among the leaders who keep checking on the progress of the institute

During the early years of developement, the institute started from a very low level.
After acquiring of the land, the institute started by fencing the land.
Government officials and other visitors visited the site of the institute to assess its suitability.
Many of the dignitaries who visited the site laid the foundation stones and planted the memorial trees.
The developement progress started from the construction of first structures that include an adminstration block and general purpose classes . The first structures plans and foundations were gradually put in place.
During this time, a first group of learners were admitted and continued to learn while work was in progress.
Consequently, the firts group of teaching staff were brought on board.
The training started immediately on some technical courses and some few on business.
The first structures that were constructed included the following:
-The Administration Block
-The First staff and students latrines
-The First class and general purpose library
-General Purporse workshops and stores
-A branded gate was structured

As the structures were put in place, many job opportunities came up.
Many locals secured different types of job on these construction sites.
Many got opportunities to work as contractors, Engineers, construction workes and others
Furthermore, some got office jobs to work as support staff and adminstration staff
The institute also got connected to the Electric power and a road network expanded.
The institute setup the computer lab and internet connectivity to the institute
*Together with the little fees collected, the government offered some funds to start up the operation of the institue
A great progress was noticeable on the first year of starting.
The institue organised a first anniversary whereby the locals were sensitized about the existence of the institute
The institute used cars and puplic address to visit villages to invite locals to the anniversary
It was during this first anniversary that the institute was fully dedicated to God.
This first anniversary dedication ceremony opened more doors of prosperity and growth for the institute.
On the subsequent years of 2016 and 2017, STTI operated on the them of "Accelerating greatness".
During that time, a fisrt group of learners were examined by KNEC on courses.
During this time, major expansion in terms of structures was achieved.
The adminstration offices were furnished with lightings, furniture, computers, printers, stationery etc.
The student furniture, writing boards, computers, and other class learning materials were acquired.
The first footpaths, flowerbeds and walkways were set up and decorated for beuaty
The student population progressively grew and by the end of year 2017, the population had double up.
The demand for room and learning space grew.
New courses were introduced and more learners admitted
The few classesrooms became constraint.
The need to get boarding facilities for learners coming from far also became another challenge
The institue constructed the ladies hostel, technical workshops and workshop shades and others temporary structures
A twin-block three-storey building was started up to address the challenge of space.
The storey building was build in t

One of the Dignitaries Planting a Memorial Tree
One of the Dignitaries Planting a Memorial Tree

Early Students, Staff and Workers Planting Flowers on the Administration Block
Early Students, Staff and Workers Planting Flowers on the Administration Block

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