Message From the Principal

Message From the Principal
Message From the Principal

It is claring truth that Sot Technical Training Institute has just opened its first chapter of its existence and I believe that it is surely going to be one of Bomet's greatest success stories, one that will leave an impression for decades to come. This is purely based on faith in God who holds the universe and therein for we know Him as the only source of our success and prosperity.

Our Aspirations

Not only are we aspiring to become the largest training institute in Bomet but also the most relevant, vibrant, accessible and the most affordable postsecondary choice in Bomet county and the entire country. Our role is to be the county's leading workforce training provider, and to be at the center stage in revitalizing our economy. As Bomet stands ready to lead the nation, STTI stands ready to lead the way.

Building a Stronger County

Sot Technical Training Institute is inspired by the opportunity we have to help build a stronger Bomet county, and optimistic about the future. Our theme for 2016/2017 FY `Accelerating Greatness 2016' reflects this optimism and details the ambitious goals we have in the coming years. Our true benchmark, however, is the stories of those we serve: our students, the innovative Kenyan companies we partner with to improve workforce skills, and the organizations that share our common vision for the future of our country's economy. Collectively, these stories demonstrate the incalculable, unmatched power that education/Training has to Change Lives and the opportunity we all have to make Bomet county and Kenya as a nation Great. We encourage you to follow our progress at STTI Accelerating Greatness.

Success of Each Student

The success of each student who enrolls at STTI is the primary focus of our Institute's administration and staff. We strive to welcome all students in a way that positions them for success, guides them through their progress in a way that helps them overcome obstacles along the way, and keeps them focused on completion in a way that encourages them to excel. Whether their goal is a career, transfer to University, or just the satisfaction of attaining a college diploma or certificate, STTI is committed to giving them every opportunity to thrive and giving them the skills they need to Make Bomet and Kenya Great.
Accelerating Greatness
At the center of Accelerating Greatness 2016 are four strategies that will guide our resource allocation and decision- making process:
1. Ensuring that students achieve their educational goals
2. Ensuring that workforce from the institute are globally competitive
3. Ensuring an adequate and sustainable human resource base
4. Ensuring attainment of our vision through well-thought global networking and linkages.

Relevant Training

Today's business environment is more competitive than ever. As a result, Bomet county and Kenya at large needs a world-class workforce to help businesses succeed and to recruit and retain jobs. In serving as the fuel that drives Bomet's and Kenya's economic engine, STTI works with employers to determine what skills they need from their employees, while also providing training that meets a variety of needs - everything from customized training and short-term flexible certification programs to National Diploma that result in jobs where people are needed most and that transfer to universities. By ensuring that our classes and training are relevant to every rung on the career ladder, STTI is helping Bomet county keep pace with the global economy.

Quality and Efficiency

At STTI, we believe quality and efficiency are inexorably linked. In order to provide those we serve with unmatched programs, products, and services, it is imperative that we eliminate waste, red tape, and the types of duplicated efforts that conceal best practices. As we aspire to be a large institute with a complex mission, STTI must leverage technology and be agile enough to adapt to a variety of needs, while ensuring an optimal deployment of resources. The degree to which we are a good steward of these resources is not; therefore, just a measure of our efficiency but also a measure of quality. We shall therefore endeavor in integrating information communication technology in both training and our management system.


At STTI, your thirst for training is our business. Every person in our institution is important and there is space for everybody. We value you all.




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